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With no strict rules to follow and employing biblical principles to boot, it’s easy to see why the Salvation Diet has kicked up so much of a storm in the online diet program industry. Change your diet, change your life. It seems so simple, but we all know from experience it’s not. However, with God on your side, anything is possible!

We are all guilty of carrying a few extra pounds every now and then, right? It’s easy to pack them on, but why is it so difficult to burn them off? According to Chris Walker, the answers have been in front of our eyes all along. God had intentions for every single one of us, and overweight and sick was not part of his plan. Could following the dietary habits of Jesus Christ himself propel us toward the bodies we have always dreamed of and what God had always intended for us?

What is The Salvation Diet?

The_Salvation_DietSimply put, the Salvation Diet is a biblically-inspired diet and weight loss program, designed with one goal in mind; to rid your body of extra body fat while rejuvenating your mind, your body, and your soul. Fueled by faith and backed by science, the Salvation Diet is here to change your beliefs and your way of thinking by examining what God teaches us about food and developing that knowledge into an easy to understand, step-by-step program that anyone can follow.

According to its creator, the Salvation Diet is a brand new way to approach both dieting and your general well-being. It uses the wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy Bible to really drive home the specifics, separating fact from fiction through scripture. It’s almost impossible to find a piece of dietary advice that hasn’t been opposed by someone else, so the Salvation Diet takes us back to the beginning, and helps reprogram our brains to the correct way of eating in order to stay slim, energetic, and full of life.

Where did this program come from?

The Salvation Diet was developed by Chris Walker, a fitness and weight loss specialist. Chris has worked in the fitness industry for a long time, and he has seen fad diets come and go. Chris is so confident that the Salvation Diet is here to change your perspective on diet and weight loss forever, he is offering a 365 day, money back guarantee, so you can try his program for an ENTIRE YEAR before you decide if it is right for you. Could he be any more generous?

Chris Walker has gone completely against all the new age wisdom, and has gone back to where it all started, building a solid diet program that Jesus Christ himself would have followed and promoted to his disciples. Not only does Chris believe in the effectiveness of his diet for long-term weight loss, he also claims that the Salvation Diet can completely revitalize your mind, body, and soul. Not many diet programs can claim that, but Chris Walker provides the science and the cold, hard facts to back it up.

What Do Real People Say About This Program?

The reception for the Salvation Diet has been hugely positive, and you will have a hard time trying to find a negative review. The majority of people who have tested the diet plan were pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness, and would recommend the program to any of their friends and families. Here are some examples of what people have had to say:

“Having tried every single diet plan known to man without success, I decided to accept the fact that my body would never look the same as it did 25 years ago. It wasn’t until a friend of mine recommended the Salvation Diet that I completely changed my mindset and my attitude toward food. The program was a lot of fun, and it was easy to follow. It has changed my life, and I would recommend it to anyone!”

-Brian G.

“Dieting is certainly not my strong suit, and I have always struggled to follow one into any real success. With the Salvation Diet, I don’t really see it as a ‘diet’. It’s more of a way of life, and ever since I started following it just 7 months ago, I have lost over 40lbs of body fat. Chris Walker gave me my life back, and I will be forever grateful both to him and to God!”

-Sharon J.

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The Pros and Cons

It would be incredibly biased to review a weight loss program, or any program for that matter, without giving both sides of the story. The problem is, it has been incredibly difficult to find any real downsides to this weight loss program. It seems to tick all of the boxes!


  • First of all, the simplicity of the Salvation Diet program is beyond anything I have seen in a weight loss program before. The complexity that you would expect to find in other scientifically-backed programs has been completely broken down into simple, easy to understand, bite-size pieces. While the program is geared more towards Christians, it’s certainly not restrictive in any way that you might expect from a “biblically-inspired” program. The use of passages from the Bible really help drive the point across, and kick your motivation into overdrive. You certainly don’t need to be a person of faith to reap the benefits.
  • Considering that this diet was developed thousands of years ago, the variety and the beauty of the foods that are available is very surprising. You expect nothing but bread and wine, but the fact is that Jesus seemed to enjoy his food, and he feasted abundantly. What’s the only difference? The food back then wasn’t packed full of unnecessary oils, cholesterol, and preservatives. The Salvation Diet makes you appreciate the value of quality, healthy foods, and once you give it a go, you will never look back.
  • The program is explained entirely in video format, making the information easy to digest (no pun intended!) and follow.
  • The biblical passages and the overall faith-driven attitude really help kick start your motivation, giving you more drive than you could ever imagine. We don’t typically associate dieting with fun, but with the Salvation Diet, it somehow is!
  • Cons

  • The only major downside to the entire program is the fact that it is only available in PDF and video formats. The Salvation Diet is completely digital. While this may seem like a con at face value, the fact that the information can be pulled up and on your screen with just a few clicks of your mouse certainly makes managing the information easier. It’s almost impossible to “misplace” a digital product. Keep this backed up, and you can access all of its glory whenever and wherever you are.
  • Does it Really Work?

    Most online diet programs do not come without their fair share of criticisms. It’s normal for people to criticize, and give their opinion on things. Life would be boring without opinions, and a little bit of conflict, wouldn’t it? However, in this case, it has been incredibly difficult to find a single bad review about the Salvation Diet online. The majority of people who purchased the program didn’t expect much, and neither did we at first, but the one thing that the majority of people have in common is that we have all been shocked at how effective this program is.

    Words can’t do the program justice, at least not without giving away too many details. The only way to truly understand how great this program is, is to purchase it, and give it a go yourself. Chris Walker, the creator of the program, is offering a 365 day money back guarantee, which essentially gives you enough time to give it a real test drive, and to find out whether it suits you or not. It can’t get any fairer than that, can it?


    The Salvation Diet program is jam-packed with bonuses and extra content that will help sky rocket your success with the program. The 4 main bonuses included are:

    • The Secret Of Living Water
    • Sabbath Sleep Hacks
    • Let Jesus Take The Grocery Cart
    • The Food Forgiveness Journal

    You are probably wondering why we are mentioning this in the ‘Warning’ section of the review, right? Well, the Salvation Diet is an incredibly popular program, and with all popular programs, the content tends to be shared, re-hashed, and resold by hundreds of different vendors.

    The only way to be eligible for the 365 day money back guarantee, and all of the aforementioned bonuses, is to purchase your copy of the program from an official website. You can access the official website by following the link below. Don’t delay!

    Click Here To Try The Salvation Diet From The Safe, Official Website

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