The Outback Vision Protocol Review

The Outback Vision Protocol Review
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The Outback Vision Protocol is designed to help you combat the effects of premature vision loss. We rarely look at our eyes as an organ; however, we have the power to influence our eye health by adjusting our diet and exercising our eyes similar to a muscle. The prospect of losing one’s vision or enough having to get stronger prescription glasses is frightening.

The outback Vision Protocol educates you on the negatives of conventional eyesight treatment and shows you how to take control of your eye health. This outback Vision Protocol review looks at who the Outback Vision Protocol is for, tells you about the author, what you get in the program and what other people have to say about the protocol. You can use this information to help you decide if this is the right program for you.

Who Is This Product For?

The Outback Vision Protocol is for anyone suffering from vision loss looking to regain control of their eyesight. Anytime your sight is affected, things start to get serious and scary. Treatment options for astigmatism, macular degeneration, and other eyesight issues are not as advanced as we think. The side effects of LASIK and contact lenses aren’t as deeply scrutinized as they should be. The Outback Vision Protocol makes it easy for you to take a natural approach to managing your eyesight.

Who is Bill Campbell?

As a retired Sergeant in the United States Marine, the author, Bill Campbell, knows a thing or two about the importance of health. Since Bill never needed glasses, it wasn’t until the age of 52 that he had an experience that propelled him to learn about eye health and create the Outback Vision Protocol. After months of complaining of eye floaters and other symptoms, Bill’s wife woke up one morning unable to see. After rushing to the doctor, it was discovered Bill’s wife, Lindsay’ was suffering from severe Macular Degeneration. As Bill and Lindsay found out, such severe denigration was not at all uncommon. A study from the Wilmer Eye Institute predicts that the number of blind people in the United States alone is expected to increase by 70% by the year 2020.

The diagnosis floored bill and Lindsay. Bill’s military instinct kicked in, and he began searching for any way to overcome the seemingly hopeless situation. Throughout Bill’s search on how to address eye health, he found many negatives about conventional methods used to address eyesight. The Outback Vision Protocol takes a detailed look at corrective lenses, LASIK surgery and contact lenses and the real effect they have on your eyes. The results of Bill’s findings my shock and possible outrage you.

the outback vision protocol review bill campbell

The Outback Vision Protocol addresses your eye health from the inside out. Instead of getting you to invest in special lenses or risky surgery, Bill’s findings make it easy to control your eye health with diet and exercise. Bill complied hundreds of hours of research from different universities and Research Institutes that verify the importance of diet and training when it comes to preserving your eye health.

Bill Introduced Lindsay to his findings and got her on a new diet and doing the daily exercises. 21 days into the treatment Lindsay started to notice significant improvement. Bill then verified the same treatment by conducting a study with 127 people suffering from varying degrees of vision loss. All 127 participants reported a significant improvement within 32 days.

What Do People Have To Say About This Program?

This is an excellent program. It takes the time to detail all the technical parts of vision without getting boring. Everything is easy to understand and execute. My favorite part is the cookbook which includes delicious recipes made with ingredients that are great for your eyes. This is a great program for anyone suffering from any level of vision loss.
Janice N.
I can’t even describe how close I was to getting LASIK surgery before I came across this program. After reading the Outback Vision Protocol, I realized I owed it to my eyes to at least try a natural approach first. It took me around 40 days of following the advice in the program, but I finally started to notice results. The Outback Vision Protocol opened my eyes (literally) to how to properly care from my vision.
Percy B.
The Outback Vision Protocol helped me in ways I could never imagine. The best part of the program is that they include eye exercises that help you keep track of your progress as you go along. By the third week, all your doubts are shattered. There’s absolutely no need for invasive eye surgeries when we have the power to control how our eyes work by controlling what we put in our body. Excellent program.
Brian P.

What’s Included In This Program?

The Outback Vision Protocol doesn’t skimp on information. The program takes the time to present a detailed look at eyesight, vision treatments and why the recommendations in the program have the potential to work.

The Outback Vision Protocol is broken down into two sections. The first part includes the main protocol, the Home Eye Test Kit, and the Binaural Beats Audio Series. The main PDF is a 136-page document that explains how your vision works, the negatives of certain treatments and how you can use food and exercise to address your eye health. The Home Eye Test Kit is full of activities to help you verify your progress. Finally, the Binaural Beats Audio Series is a 12-part audio series designed to help you focus your mental energy.

the outback vision protocol reviews by bill campbell

outback vision priotocol free pdf download

The second section of the Outback Protocol is the Maximum Strength Section. This section includes the Maximum Strength Cookbook, which is essential to applying the information from the main program. The cookbook makes it incredibly easy for you to get all the vitamins and nutrients your eyes need for longevity and good health. In addition to the Cookbook, you also get multiple one-week meal plans that make your new diet much easier to execute.

The Final part of the Maximum Strength Section is a 5 part series from Dr. Ryan Shelton. This video series helps you visualize the information discussed in the main program. The explanations from a trained MD enables you to see the potential and validity of the techniques discussed in the main program.

The amazing part of the Outback Vision Protocol is in addition to all of the above; you also gain access to 15+ bonus programs. These bonus programs give you, even more, information to make it easier for you to change your diet. The Outback Vision Protocol gives you all the tools you need to take the fate of your eyesight into your own hands.


  • Information is easy to understand
  • Good variety of text, images, video and audio
  • Recommendations are easy to execute
  • The Eye Test Section helps you track your progress
  • Cons

  • Lots of information to read
  • The diet and exercise recommendations require consistency
  • Not a substitute treatment for severe eye conditions
  • Summary

    All in all, the Outback Vision Protocol is an excellent way to combat premature loss of sight. The program takes the time to share detailed explanations on eyesight and the nutrients that help our eyes work. This is a gimmick-free look at how to control one of the most vital organs in our body. Before investing in expensive and irreversible surgeries, you owe it to yourself to apply the information in the Outback Vision Protocol.

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