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The Regrow Hair Protocol
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The Regrow Hair Protocol is a program designed to combat the effects of male pattern baldness. The beauty of the Regrow Hair Protocol is it’s based 100% on natural ingredients. The program takes the time to educate you about hair loss, which allows you to see for yourself why this program is effective.

What is the Regrow Hair Protocol?

First of all, thank you for reading our Regrow Hair Protocol review. Let’s get started. Unlike traditional hair loss remedies, the Regrow Hair Protocol guide takes the time to educate you about the hair loss industry. You learn what causes hair loss, how conventional treatments work as well as the most important factors to re-growing your hair.

David McKenna, who has had his share of problems with hair loss, made the Regrow Hair Protocol to help others like him. David suffered through a lackluster sex life, issues with self-confidence and bouts of depression because of his balding.

Initially, David tried all of the traditional treatments that come to mind when you think about hair loss. However, once he dove deeper into these treatments, he realized they were just a band-aid for a deeper issue. Instead, David tried to find a way to address the primary causes of hair loss.

The foundation of the Regrow Hair Protocol is to address the main causes of hair loss, which are diet, lifestyle and your genes. By controlling 2 out of these 3 factors, you can get your hair back.

Who is the Regrow Hair Protocol for?

If you’ve tried traditional hair loss remedies and found they only provide very small changes or no changes at all, then this program is for you. The hair loss industry is full of companies that prey on the desire for hair to get you reliant on their products. Hair loss companies love putting out “solutions” that require you to give them money on a consistent basis. Most of the time these solutions just drain your time and money.

The Regrow Hair Protocol is also only for people willing to put in some work to get their hair back. This isn’t a quick fix solution like Rogaine (which doesn’t work). Discipline is key to getting the most out of the Regrow Hair Protocol. If you don’t have the budget for hair transplant surgery or the budget to maintain your hair after the surgery, then this program is for you.

What is included in the Regrow Hair Protocol?

The Regrow Hair Protocol includes 3 PDF documents.

regrow hair protocol program

The first document is the main Regrow Hair program. This document takes a comprehensive look at why you’re losing your hair and what you can do about it. You get a meticulous education of the different lifestyle choices that actually contribute to hair loss. You also learn about common hair loss myths such as baldness being related to age. The main part of this document gives you food and topical ointment recipes to stimulate hair growth.

The education in the first document is exceptional. Even if you decide to go with another treatment option, you’ll be more than well informed after reading this section. The program even gives you some questions to ask a hair transplant surgeon if you go in for a consultation.

regrow hair protocol review

regrow hair protocol free downloadThe second document is a recipe guide that makes it easy for you to stimulate hair growth. This document includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack options. There’s plenty of variety, so you don’t get bored. All the recipes are incredibly easy to make and delicious. This convenient recipe book makes it easy to change diet habits that you’ve developed over the years.

The final document is a recipe guide focused exclusively on smoothies. Smoothies are excellent healthy options that are great for starting your day or as a snack. The recipes in the Hairy Recipes guide use ingredients that stimulate hair growth and limit production of PDG2.

Does it really work?

The biggest myth about hair loss is that it’s inevitable with age. In reality, the three biggest factors in hair loss are your genes, your diet, and your lifestyle. 2 out of these three factors are under your control, and you can change them with the information in the Regrow Hair Protocol.

Another reason this program works is it actually takes the time to tell you how to take care of your scalp. Take Rogaine for example; there’s no way they would give you information on how to keep your scalp healthy. Why? Because that would lessen your dependence on their protocol.

The Regrow Hair Protocol focuses on teaching you preventative methods to fight hair loss. Learning how to keep your scalp and hair healthy is a key part of the process.

The Regrow Hair Protocol gives you a ton of natural tools for fighting hair loss. You get different recipes for topical ointments, detoxes, and types of food you should focus on eating. The only thing this program needs from you is discipline to stick to the diet.

After going through this program you feel like an expert on hair loss. The program does a great job of alerting you to things that don’t help you get your hair back, which helps you save time and money. I love the honesty in this program because at the end of the day it’s up to you if you decide to stick with the new diet. Highly recommend giving this program a try.
I was scarily close to paying for hair transplant surgery before I found this program. Thankfully I was convinced to try this out for 3 months before dropping 30k on hair. Not only is my hair back, I feel great thanks to the healthy diet. This is easily the best hair loss treatment option out there!
The thing I appreciate the most about this program is how easy the diet is to follow. I never feel like I’m starving myself to eat the required foods. I’ve also started losing weight thanks to the recommended foods. This program is like killing two birds with one stone: my hair is back and I’m starting to regain my health.
It took a while to start working for me, but I’m glad I stuck with this program. Stuff like Rogaine would put stubble on top of my hair and it would look silly. Thanks to the information in this program, my confidence is restored!

What makes it different from other hair loss programs?

The biggest thing that stands out about the Regrow hair Protocol is the transparency involved when educating you about hair loss. Most hair loss treatments are not interested in educating you since they want you to buy something that “kind of “works and force you to be reliant on it. The first section of the Regrow Hair Protocol helps you understand the pros and cons of other hair loss treatments and lets you know what you’re getting into.

For example, not many people in the hair loss industry are willing to tell you about the amount of maintenance that’s required when you get hair transplant surgery. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming the surgery is a permanent solution when in fact it requires a good deal of money to maintain.

Not only does the Regrow Hair Protocol keep you away from options that drain your time and money, but they also offer you a solution that’s realistic and easy to execute. One of the most impressive parts of the protocol is how well they educate you on other hair loss treatments.


  • Natural solution to hair loss without chemicals
  • Very low maintenance costs, you just have to buy different foods
  • Based on scientific studies
  • The program is very transparent in educating you
  • Cons

  • Requires you to be consistent with the diet
  • Exercise is not explicitly required, but it gives you the best results
  • Why is the author of this program so confident?

    As you go through the Regrow Hair Protocol Program, you’ll notice a bunch of different scientific studies are cited. The primary study the protocol is based on is a joint effort from the University of Pennsylvania and John Hopkins University.

    This study found a link between high levels of PGD2 and hair loss. In the study, they even noticed that hairless animals have elevated levels of PGD2. The logic behind the protocol is to lower the levels of this enzyme. Many Regrow Hair Protocol reviews back up the rationale that the protocol is based on.

    regrow hair protocol review david mckennaDavid McKenna is confident because the foods in the Regrow Hair Protocol are designed to block the effects of PGD2. After about a month or two following the protocol, you’ll notice your hair will start to come back naturally. The only maintenance costs you’ll incur will be buying more food!

    Another reason why the author is so confident is the huge advantage this program has over other hair loss treatments. Not only is the Regrow Hair Protocol significantly less expensive, but it’s also incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is make a conscious decision to change what you’re putting in your body. The protocol gives you options for every kind of meal and even includes a 5-week meal plan to help you get started. Other hair loss treatments just can’t compete with the simplicity and effectiveness of this program.


    The Regrow Hair Product has attained a lot of popularity in a short amount of time. This popularity spike has created a market for scammers to sell fake or incomplete programs. Make sure you only buy the Regrow Hair Protocol from the official source. The official source guarantees you get all 3 components and access to your refund. To access all the bonuses, get your 60-day guarantee and visit the official site, click on the button below.

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